How to Get Better In The Game of Darts

During the darts game, we mostly focus on throwing the dart and often neglect the importance of the throwing stance. However, the game is hugely affected by the way we stand. If our stance is inconsistent, not aligned properly or shaky, then our darts cannot hit the bull’s eye on the dartboards.

You can follow some tips to improve your stance while throwing darts.

Line up with the center of the dartboard

The first thing you need to do for getting the right stance is lining up centered with the dartboard while throwing darts. Do not rely on the ‘toe line’ blindly to find out the center spot, because it is aligned incorrectly in many bars. Instead, use the dartboard as a guide and find the exact center spot. Mark this spot to memorize it so you can line up accurately every time.

Place the foot of your throwing side forward

For beginners, it feels more stable and natural to stand on a full forward stance, but it is not useful. The right way to start is by standing with your throwing side forward with the foot up against toe line. With the knee at the throwing side locked, a slight bent is okay for more comfort and accuracy. The other foot must be behind. This stance helps your throwing arm, eyes, shoulders and torso to be in a line, which improves consistency and accuracy by limiting side-to-side arm movement.

Find an effective and comfortable angle to stand

According to the experts, it is the best to stand on a 90-degrees angle by keeping the feet parallel with the dartboard. However, this angle is extreme, and new players can struggle to maintain the stance with this angle. Their game also suffers due to it. So, you should start with an angle somewhere between 45 degrees and 90 degrees. With time, you can push yourself to the completely parallel angle.

Like any other games, in dart games, consistency makes you perfect, and maintaining the right stance every time is the factor that will bring consistency in your game. So, calm your body, balance your weight, and stand on the right stance.