Opening company in the Netherlands

If you’re already an entrepreneur and are interested to expand your business, you have to consider opening company in the Netherlands. Opening a Dutch company will certainly be a good strategic choice. First, you have to decide which company structure is best for your business. There are 5 common structures in the Netherlands;

– Public companies (called; Naamloze Vennootschap)

– Private limited liability company (called; Besloten Vennootschap)

– Foundations

– General and limited partnerships

-Associations and cooperatives.

CompanyThe Private limited liability company structure is the most common structure in the Netherlands. Mainly because of the great number of advantages this structure contains. Also the Netherlands has a lot of opportunities for expanding your business and become part of a huge professional European network.

Besides opening a new company, it might be interesting to look at the options of opening a branch of a existing company.  We from ‘Set up your Dutch company’ have many experienced specialists who are happy to advise you about the different possibilities for opening a company or branche in the Netherlands. During the years we have build a strong partnership with the best bank offices, accountants and Tax authorities, so we are able to assist you in opening a Dutch company within 5 – 10 workdays already.  Please contact us by email or by filling in our contact form for more information or professional advice.