Operational group is a process engineering company that provides environmental friendly and energy solutions for various manufacturing businesses.

The company visits manufacturing sites and advises clients on energy recycling opportunities and manufacturing processes.

The company focuses on helping businesses enhance health and safety measures. Plus, they do risk assessments to help businesses protect their

Operational group engineers advise businesses on manufacturing challenges and how to handle individual production processes.The group has experts from different fields who are well versed in manufacturing processes and have extensive gas and service engineering experience.The goal is to reduce inefficiencies and ensure maximum reduction of waste products.

Advisory role on manufacturing challenges

The group focuses on odor and dust controls enhanced especially in large waste processing plants via filtration and carbon absorption systems.Recycling and waste reception plants reduce airborne dust and odors such as pollutants associated with processing on non recyclable materials.For a business to thrive, it must instill a company culture to ensure sustainable growth. Also, the company must build positive relationships with its customers.

What manufacturing businesses need to do

Businesses should focus on enhancing maintenance and service activities. The operational group provides top tips to help manufacturing firms run an energy-efficient process.Businesses need to increase their manufacturing capacity even as they cut energy emission and consumption.Boost efficiency by optimizing systems and equipment in the manufacturing process. It helps reduce wastes and environmental pollution.Services offered to manufacturing plants

There are major innovations that help businesses improve efficiency such as:

Dryer optimisation

The company supplies intelligent solutions to energy, production and environmental challenges. Whatever heat the manufacturing plant uses to drive off solvents and moisture is effectively managed.

Heat recovery

The heat recovery system helps capture, recover and reuse the waste energy from the manufacturing processes.

Air pollution control

The group offers a range of outstanding air pollution control technologies to ensure efficiency and effective control of air pollutants.

Production plants easily meet emission standards and promote clean air in the surrounding areas.

Maintenance and service

Custom designed preventative and maintenance service programmes are designed to satisfy clients needs and requirements.

What to expect from the company

The company provides custom innovative systems, energy recovery and re-use, system optimization, and lifetime productivity maintenance.

The group uses who system thinking to remove harmful pollutants and boost system performance. Cutting green house gasses saves manufacturers money.

The goal is to help industries embrace sustainable models to address enegy bills, production inefficiency, and provide solutions that help manufacturers attain net zero.

Target markets include print & packaging, food, utilities, ceramics, automotive, textile, industrial processes, medical and pharmaceutical.

The group has over 30 years experience serving various industries across Europe.

The company reschedules eork for its engineers and monitors their fiaries to ensure all customers are served in time. In the process they build positive relationships with customers throught Europe.

Servicing manufacturing plants boosts efficiency and safety. It’s vital to do risk assessment and exercise vigilance in health and safety matters to protect staff.

The company is a global leader in process engineering solutions and reputable in the industry.