Setting up your BV company has never been easier, here is how

Setting up your BV company has never been easier. Curious? Read on to discover more. Why not just start today? 

The Netherlands, the place you might now from the endless tulip fields, Dutch cheese, windmills and perhaps the red light district. A tiny country yet greatly successful. But you are interested in this country for very different reasons than the tourist attractions. As a person who would like to incorporate a BV company this country can be exactly what you are looking for. With their stable business climate, healthy level of competition, a tax system that features many tax incentives that stimulate business activity and innovation and one of the most open economies of the world, it ranks among the top countries in terms of technology and innovation. Besides, the infrastructure is of excellent quality and Europe’s largest port is situated here. All these factors attract a highly skilled, international workforce. Sounds like a place where you would like to set up your BV company doesn’t it?

Where to start?

That feeling when start ideating your own BV company, that excitement, the tingling in your stomach, is something that you should cherish and foster. All this energy that it gives you is something that you would like to use for actually setting up your company, not for the bureaucratic paperwork that comes with it. At Intercompany Solutions they understand this and believe in the power of entrepreneurs. They want to assist in this process so that you can make your dreams come true and make the world a better place. They want you to keep your momentum and that’s why they help you with an easy step by step process to incorporate your BV company in only 3 days as long as you have gathered the required documents beforehand! The steps are as followed:

  • The required documents need to be gathered such as the identity information of directors, ultimate beneficial owners and shareholders and the company name;
  • The company will then prepare the initial documentation for the formation of the business. For this the Dutch notary needs to be visited which can also be done in the home country if necessary;
  • Then the BV company formation will be filed in the Dutch company register.

Why choose Intercompany Solutions to help you?

As mentioned before, momentum is key in setting up your BV company. While giving the tedious bureaucratic tasks out of hand you free up more energy and time for more important matters. The service you pay for is:

  • Preparing the notary and the client identification documents
  • The fee for registration at the Chamber of Commerce
  • The assistance for the VAT number
  • The incorporation fee
  • The fee for the bank account application
  • The tax authority’s registration fee
  • The beauty is in the ability to do this remotely.

    Because of this and because of their service they guarantee a 100% satisfaction as they have experience with incorporating over a 1000 businesses with clients from over 50 countries. Go to to schedule a free consultation session and check out what they can do for you.