The UsenetServer Review

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UsenetServer is a company owned by UNS Holdings to offer great, lengthy, and cheap services to its customers. It is a company that is behind Easynews, Newshosting and other services. There are attractive features in using the UsenetServer like 3,363 days retention, 99% completion and over 100,000 newsgroups. I have seen that the server offers 20 connections with free SSL for privacy, a VPN, no transfer limits or other irritating limits. Each month I pay $7.95 for the service which is a good deal for me. Once I subscribed, I experienced the “zero-log VPN.” I tested the server out using the free trial which was a good experience for 14 days. I managed to sample the VPN, test the favourite groups retention and test the performance of the server.

Privacy of Using the UsenetServer

The Usenet servers do not track your operation son line nor log a trail of what you are doing. The services offered include encryption connection and limit the possibility of snoopers popping up. I used a secure VPN which allowed me to hide my identity by issuing my connection a new IP address from a range of 21 countries.

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